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After being a Chiropractor I began driving a semi-truck for 10+ years for over 1 million miles. That is how I landed in the TA travel center in Coachella, CA doing DOT Physicals and Chiropractic. Now I am serving my truck driving brothers and sisters, as well as the community.

DOT Physicals are $100 cash or card. If you have Diabetes you need your A1C test results and you will need a letter signed by your doctor to get your certificate on the same day. If you have any heart problems or surgeries you will need treadmill or other test results and a release signed by your doctor.

DMV or special physical exams, employment exams $100.


Getting a new CDL class A or B, Ambulance, Fire or DMV physical for medical problems or 40+ foot motorhome? We do those also. Just look at above and bring your ID.                                     Thank you.


Our Many Features

DOT Physicals TA Coachella, CA


Drivers: Swing By & Say Hello!

We can help with information about most states DMV DOT info, We have information on how to lower blood pressure, eat better, taking supplements, and how to stay healthier on the road.

Sports physicals are fast and easy as well. If you don't have the school forms I have forms that will most likely work. If you are in outside sports you should bring the forms they want. 

Chiropractic Adjustments

Cash Chiropractic Services

I perform Chiropractic adjustments for Subluxation only. No cases, injuries or accidents involving insurance, attorneys or worker's compensation. Just Chiropractic adjustments by hand and drop table.

Chiropractic Fees are $80 initial visit, $50 subsequent visits, Includes massage chair and adjustment. $20 extra for Y-strap adjustment after first visit.  Paperwork must be filled out initially by law and subluxation notes will be kept on file.

All Physicals Exams and Chiropractic Adjustments

DOT Exam $100

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